Applications Manager

Applications Manager

Applications Manager
ManageEngine Applications Manager allows businesses to ensure high availability and performance for their business applications. ManageEngine Applications Manager provides application server monitoring (WebLogic, WebSphere, Oracle AS, MS .NET, JBoss, Tomcat, SilverStream), database monitoring (Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2), server monitoring (Unix/ Windows / Solaris), web services, custom applications monitoring(SNMP,WMI, JMX, Scripts) and an array of other application management capabilities that helps IT administrators manage their resources.

Key Features Key Benefits
  • Performance Management: over 100 critical performance parameters such as response time, resource availability and CPU Utilization can be monitored
  • Holistic view of IT resources: management of a wide range of business applications and network services. Providing you with the flexibility to group the application and its related services to be monitored as a single unit
  • Applications Discovery: discover each of your application servers, database servers, services, systems, custom applications or all of them together in a business environment
  • Fault Management: sends alarms based on the monitored attributes. These can be escalated through E-Mail / SMS /trap/ MBean Operation/execute a program
  • Enable an affordable alternative to manage complex applications and servers. Applications Manager requires standard hardware, supports multiple operating systems, and can be used without extensive training
  • Effectively use IT resources and personnel as Applications Manager performs intelligent event-alarm correlation and presents only the most relevant alarms to the operator. IT personnel can now spend their time on fixing issues rather than locating the root cause of a problem
  • Empowerment of the users by giving them the ability to create custom dashboards

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